About Us

Iinvite.net is a family owned website that offers an invitation card tool to create your own template. The idea came about after numerous attempts of searching the web for an easy to use template when trying to organise a family event. We hope you enjoy our site and create your invitation with just a few simple steps.

Planning your next party or occasion could never be easier with Iinvite.net. Our simplified method to creating your next invite is as easy as the following:

  • 1) Sign up with Iinvite.net which allows you to have access to your invitations to download as many times as you like
  • 2) Design your invitation with our template tool
  • 3) Pay a small fee
  • 4) The invitation is now ready for printing, downloading or emailing.

Our goal is to make your invitation experience cheap, easy and carefree which allows you to focus on all the other elements that you need to organise to create your event.

Welcome and thank you for using Iinvite.Net for your party solutions.